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Techling offers a streamlined approach to optimize your offshore developer recruitment process. Rely on our extensive experience in sourcing highly skilled professionals across various domains. Our developers possess expertise in cutting-edge technologies, guaranteeing a higher probability of success for your projects.

While frequently associated with the IT sector, offshore developer services can also be a valuable asset for diverse industries in search of specialized technical proficiency.

“Advantages of Offshore Developer Hiring”

Empowering Your Development Scope and Scalability with Offshore Developers

Offshore Developer Hiring Models

Project-Based Model

The project-based model is well-suited for projects with defined deadlines and specific resource requirements. It allows flexibility throughout the development process, enabling cost reduction and rapid scalability. Choosing an outsourcing partner with expertise in the project’s technical aspects is crucial. Should your project needs evolve due to market dynamics, you can transition to a more suitable solution.

Offshore Development Center

Offshore development centers offer significant benefits when outsourcing to experienced professionals. This model is ideal for long-term, complex projects aiming to minimize product development costs while maintaining high-quality standards. It involves establishing a dedicated team of expert developers, each focusing on one project at a time. The outsourcing provider ensures all client needs are met comprehensively.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation involves augmenting an existing team with offshore developers to handle various technical tasks. Clients maintain control over the offshore development team, allowing them to achieve project milestones within specified timeframes based on the chosen offshore development model.

Our Hiring Process of Offshore Developer

Explore the various phases of our development journey:

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Technical Tests
Step 2


Examine Soft Skills
Step 3


Project’s Experience
Step 4


Compatibility with Company Culture
Step 5



Why Choose Techling?

Techling is committed to sourcing the ideal developers tailored to your company’s precise requirements. Our mission is to deliver cost-effective solutions, leveraging offshore developer hiring to ensure your projects yield productive outcomes and maintain exceptional quality.


Our primary aim is to connect you with highly skilled developers, enabling you to attain your business objectives without the need for investments in office space or additional equipment.

We are dedicated to enhancing your company’s flexibility, facilitated through our remote developers who consistently meet project deadlines with efficiency. Choose Techling for a seamless path to achieving your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Offshore software development involves a company seeking developers external to its organization, often from different geographical regions worldwide, to undertake projects and software development tasks.

Offshore software development offers cost-effectiveness, demands minimal initial investment, and yields productive outcomes. It enhances a company’s adaptability to evolving market dynamics and changes.

The hourly charges for offshore developers vary based on individual companies and project-specific requirements. The rates depend on the scope of work and the amount of time needed for project completion.